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There are more to smart contracts than just tokens. Aquachain is a distributed computing platform based on proof-of-work chain technology. Its not a company, and there was no ICO, no pre-mine, no dev fund, no pre-sale, etc. Transactions, once mined, are irreversible and uncensorable. Aquachain is the blockchain, AQUA is the fuel. You need AQUA to create and interact with executable distributed code contracts, and to send transactions.

To learn more, see the wiki. To get some AQUA, the best way is to mine it yourself. You can join a mining pool (listed below) to earn a percentage of a block reward, determined by your shares.

Symbol: Ⱥ or AQUA

Difficulty: 240 seconds (4 minutes)

Hashing Algorithm: argon2id

Difficulty Readjust: Every block

Coin reward: 1

Max Supply: 42,000,000.00

What is Aquachain?

Aquachain - A distributed financial computing platform, secured by proof of work.

It is a cryptocurrency, with smart contracts, capable of rapid change in protocol. Changes can be to keep up with technology, or make changes to the consensus rules to add features. Without a pre-mine, pre-sale, ICO, or dev funds, Aquachain was created as a more experimental, slower, fair launch alternative to other smart contract platforms.

Unlike other coins that support smart contracts, Aquachain doesn't have "token standards" and doesn't promote support for "token contracts".

Aquachain is dedicated to ASIC resistance, and has the ability to change POW quickly, given consensus.

To know more information about Aquachain, head over to Aquapaper and Github wikis.

Aquapaper Aquachain Wiki

Download the latest release on Github


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